Welcome at Schloss Bockfliess!

The castle nearly appears as solid as a fortress. It is not surprising that it has so proudly withstood the test of time. It protected the entire village's inhabitants from the Ottoman invasions of the 17th century. They were able to reach this gate, but came no further. We though, are permitted to enter and taste the delicious wines.

We are served a glass of Schloss Bockfliess. Vintage 1959. Wine has a long tradition here. Cheers!

We would like to know more about the winemaking-history of the castle. Count Goess therefore brings us to the old wine cellar. The cellar is not in use any more, but the impressive building Shows that it was for several centuries.

Inside, the unique mirrored pair of cross beam grape presses from the 17th century demonstrate extravagant handcraftsmanship. The fascinating baroque carvings tell of the terrors of the Ottoman-Habsburg wars.

The vineyards throne majestically above the Marchfeld plain. The vines enjoy the full benefit of the warm Pannonian climate. The Hochleithen Forest to the north is a protective barrier that shields the vineyard slopes from the cold north winds. The Austrian star-winemakers Roman and Roman Josef Pfaffl are taking care of the winemaking.